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Online Photography
Instruction & Mentorship

Individual Meetings with Emma
Group Meetings

Sessions are Personalized

  • Each one-on-one session is meant to address your individual photography practice.

  • I specialize in cyanotype kallitype, and creating digital negatives for alternative processes.

  • Whether you are looking for help brainstorming or need feedback on an established portfolio I am here to provide thoughtful insight. 


  • If you have hit a technical roadblock or are excited to start a new photography technique, I can help you get started. I will walk you through each step to develop a clear workflow that meets your needs. I am here to help no matter what stage you are at in your photography journey. 

Flexible Scheduling

Sessions are held online over Zoom or can be scheduled in-person if you are in the

Colorado Springs - Denver, CO area. 

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Possible session topics:

  • Get to know your camera

         -Learn camera controls and fundamentals 

         -Adjust aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity

         -Be able to plan the depth of field and motion blur in your images

  • Personalized Adobe Photoshop instruction

-Layout, tools, adjustments

-Collage: layers, masking, selections​

-Digital printing & scanning 

  • Brainstorm & critique

-Discuss ideas for your work

-Talk through steps and goals

-Feedback and suggestions

-Next steps for presentation 

  • Alternative process help and advice​​

-Discuss a range of techniques 

-Digital negatives

​-Darkroom set up and materials

-Mixing chemistry 

-Coating techniques


  • Specific Process Guidance


Van Dyke Brown


Gum Bichromate

Silver Gelatin

and more...

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