Tutorial & Mentorship

Are you struggling with an aspect of your photography practice? Do you want to try a new process or approach and need assistance getting started? Do you often have specific technical questions that you need individual help with? Do you want to talk through ideas or analyze your artwork?


I am available for personalized photography guidance. I will meet with you over Zoom, Skype, or your preferred online format. 

  • Personalized Adobe Photoshop instruction.

-Layout, tools, adjustments

-Collage: layers, masking, selections​

-Printing basics

  • Alternative process help and advice​​

​-Darkroom set up and materials

-Mixing chemistry 

-Coating techniques


  • Specific Process Guidance


Van Dyke Brown


Gum Bichromate

  • Brainstorm & critique

-Discuss ideas for your work

-Talk through steps and goals

-Feedback and suggestions

-Next steps for presentation 

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