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Process: Palladium and pigment photographic print on Arches Platine paper.


11" x 14" edition of 10

16" x 20" edition of 5


About this process: This print is a combination of digitally printed color and the historic palladium chemical process. The color is printed in a single layer directly onto Arches Platine (uncoated) paper using an inkjet printer and archival inks. Palladium chemicals are then patined/coated directly onto the paper surface. Once this solution is dry, a digital negative is aligned with the color underprint using registration makes, this is a symbol in each corner which will be visible on the border of the print outside the image area. Once registered the paper and negative are pressed in a contact print frame and exposed to UV light for a specific amount of time. After this exposure is complete the print is processed through a series of chemical baths in order to develop and stabilize the chemical print. Hand-made prints may have slight unique process marks or variations.


Palladium lies on the paper surface, rather than within gelatin or another type of emulsion. As a result, the final Palladium image is matte with a deposit of palladium absorbed slightly into the paper. Palladium prints are very durable. The platinum/palladium group metals are very stable against chemical reactions that might degrade the print—even more stable than gold.

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