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Tribe at Fox Talbot Museum

I am trilled to be included in an upcoming group exhibition co-curated by Lori Vrba and Roger Watson at the Fox Talbot Museum. Here is Lori Vrba's announcement about the project:

“TRIBE” for FOX TALBOT MUSEUM. I am immensely proud to announce the exhibition I have co-curated with the divine Roger Watson. Opens Feb 3rd with artist’s reception May 18th. My deepest gratitude to Roger and my fellow exhibiting artists...

Heidi Kirkpatrick, K.k. DePaul, Emma Powell, Kirsten Hoving, Tama Hochbaum, Anne Jarrell Berry and Heather Evans Smith

“We are earnest American Women of Photography walking in the footsteps of the greats who have come before us. Dorothea Lange, Imogene Cunningham, Berenice Abbott, Diane Arbus, Mary Ellen Mark, Margaret Bourke White and Sally Mann…we honor the path you have paved and feel called to excellence because of your life’s work.

We, as women, have shared our lives intimately throughout history in the cycle of nourishment. We have instinctively supported the greater good as mothers and daughters and sisters in childbearing and care-giving. We nurse the world together. We are Tribe.

Our work is feminine without apology. We are drawn to that romantic notion of story-telling, memory, nostalgia, the natural world and family. As artists, we come together within our medium for inspiration, collaboration, postulation, and celebration. This connection provides a deep well of power that we as makers are strengthened and sustained by. It is our commitment to Tribe that not only elevates the work itself but keeps us moving to the lunar rhythms of a passionate and sensitive creative life.”

6 prints from Svala's Saga will be on display at the Fox Talbot Museum

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